Terms and Conditions

Beauty In A Box, LLC Policies

Beauty In A Box, LLC aims to assist each client to be the best version of themselves. These policies were made as guidelines with the intention to set boundaries in order to ensure each customer has an enhanced experience with the company.

Reservation/Booking Policy

Clients are allowed to schedule an appointment up to 2 days in advance and as far as 60 days out. Each appointment made online must first be confirmed by Beauty In A Box, LLC to ensure there is not double booking. For the most accurate results it is best to schedule by phone. No appointment is official until the client gets notification and a $20 deposit is received, this of which is non-refundable and goes towards the total on the day of service. “Day of services/walk-ins” may only be accepted by phone and will be confirmed based on availability and the company’s discretion.

Cancellation/Late Policy

Clients are required to cancel/reschedule their own appointment online if desired. This is done in the same manner to schedule, and must be done in a 24 hour advance or the system will not allow them to cancel/reschedule which causes the $20 deposit to be considered an inconvenience fee. If scheduled by phone a request to cancel/rescheduled must be made in a 24 hour advance by phone. If they are not able to get in contact with the company by phone, a voicemail or email must be sent requesting to cancel/reschedule in a 24 hour advance or there is no guarantee the $20 deposit will be utilized toward future services or refunded. All appointments are honored with a 15 minute grace period. After 15 minutes if a client has not arrived at their agreed time during scheduling, the appointment is cancelled and the deposit will not be refunded.

Special Conditions

There are at times things that may create difficulties between being able to provide services, and being able to arrive for services. Use your “better judgement” with the unavoidable circumstances and communicate with Beauty In A Box,LLC without further assumption. Weather conditions may hinder an appointment, please be aware special circumstances will not be a loss of deposit funds and the company will work as hard as possible to accommodate the inconvenience. If an emergency arises where the client is not able to receive services due to Beauty In A Box, LLC the client will be notified of such circumstances as soon as possible.

No person under the age of 18 will be served unless they have a Parent/Guardian Consent Form and other necessary documents filled and signed out. No customer will be served if they are not a good candidate for the services they are requesting which will be determined during a free consultation prior to each appointment. It is highly important to let the beauty specialist know of any medical conditions that may cause conflict with services requested, this can be done on the phone prior to scheduling to ensure an appointment can be accepted.

Prices/Gratuity Policy

Due to constantly expanding the services of Beauty In A Box, LLC prices may vary. Typically the website and social media is updated, but at times it may not be. As the information is mentioned by phone, it is the client’s responsibility to verify the cost of their services before they arrive. Payment plans may be available, but on a person to person basis. A payment agreement must be signed prior to recieving services. Full payments are made at the time of service. Cash, Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover are methods of payments accepted. Checks are not accepted. Combination of promos, discounts and rewards fluctuate at the company’s discretion. Gratuity is not included in the price of service, however at the client's discretion tips are accepted anytime and greatly appreciated.


Beauty In A Box, LLC encourages clients not to bring personal belongings or valuable items with them and holds no responsibility for anything of their items being lost, stolen, damaged or any means or otherwise. If children are present during a client’s appointment, Beauty In A Box, LLC is not any way responsible or liable for any injuries, damages or loss by any means or otherwise.

Safety Policy

For the safety of Beauty In A Box, LCC and it’s clients it is crucial for the clients to follow the specialist instructions during each appointment. The client is recommended and responsible to follow the post-care sheet that is given to them. No services will be given if proper documentation is not complete. Clients are expected to arrive at their appointment hygienically prepared. Beauty In A Box, LLC has the right to cancel a clients appointment if they arrive under the influence of any drugs, alcohol, have a weapon, provoked a fight or argument or have been extremely disruptive. This is a place of a professional business and these behaviors will not be tolerated.